Spring Forest Qi Gong Practice Group

In this practice, breath, slow gentle movement and meditation, focus and visualization of the mind are used as well as sound to gently go within slowly opening energy meridians opening energy channels, moving and releasing energy blocks. Gently and easily becoming centred and grounded finding balance. With dedicated practice energy is revived, attitude towards life becomes more positive, aches and pains start to disappear. Give Spring Forest Qi Gong a try, simple and easy to learn yet so powerful.

Weekly Practise Group Classes offered in Saskatoon and Rosthern

Saskatoon Class Classes Afternoon and Evening Classes.      Length of class: 1 hour

When: Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm
Where: Rusty MacDonald Library Meeting Room – 225 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada (View on Google Maps)

Cost: $15

Discount Bundle of 10 classes: $120 + GST

When: Wednesdays 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Where: Sanctuary in the City Yoga Community – 219-21st St. E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada (View on Google Maps)

Length of class: 1 hour

Cost: $15 Donation

Rosthern Class Details

When: Thursdays 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Where: Rosthern School of Dance – 1016 4th St, Rosthern, Saskatchewan Canada

Length of class: 1 hour

Cost: $15 per class

Discount Bundle of 10 classes: $120 + GST

This Class is dedicated to a dear friend with Cancer.

The cost to those with cancer/cancer survivors well enough to attend is $5

For more details contact Katherine Dempsey:



Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Certificate Program

During this workshop you will learn:

  • The General Principles of Qigong
  • History of Qigong
  • 6 Causes of Energy Blockages
  • 6 Keys to Success
  • 7 Main SFQ Exercises
  • Harvesting Energy in the Body
  • Small Universe Meditation
  • Sword Finger Technique for helping others

This is a great program to learn the philosophy, exercises and meditations of Spring Forest Qigong. Plus this course is a prerequisite to the Level 2 training, where you learn the healing techniques, how to detect energy and help remove energy blockages in others.

When: February 24 2018

Where: Essential Bracelet – 501 Pakwa Pl #1, Saskatoon, Sk, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada (View on Google Maps)

Investment: $195 plus GST

Early Bird Price: $175 plus GST before February 8th

For more details contact Katherine Dempsey:



About Qi Gong

What is Qigong?

Qi = life force energy

Gong = to work, to transform or transmute

The Healing Qigong exercises shared in these classes are based on the teachings of Master Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest Qigong. This is an easy to learn practise and no previous experience is necessary. In this practise, you are guided through mindful breathwork, visualization and gentle movement. Qi energy moves through you to release blockages and open the energy meridians of the body. It nurtures you on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Do not be fooled by its simplicity! It is very powerful!

The benefits of Qigong are innumerable. It helps to ease stress, reduce anxiety and discomfort on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

For myself, qigong has been instrumental in different stages of my life to dispel fear, anxiety and depression. It has helped to amplify my energy levels and connect me to my inner guidance in a profound way. I use this practise as part of my daily care regime. It brings light into my life! As a sound healer, I also use the wonderful components of sound healing with crystal singing bowls. This added benefit quickly helps to brings you into a meditative state accessing relaxation, peace and harmony.