Becoming an Intuitive Healer – It has taken me a long time to understand or even language what this means. I began this journey many years ago in pursuit of finding supportive ways to help my young family. In reality what I was really doing was healing and finding my way back to my true self.

Reiki laid the groundwork of exploring the many possibilities of finding the healer within. How I marvelled at the wonderful beauty of divine connection opening me and flowing through me. It exposed me in a profound way and gave me understanding of what it meant to be an empath. Little by little I discovered that all the emotions and things I was feeling were not all mine! It helped me understand memories of childhood and all the confused feelings of fear, anxiety and depression that have continued to be recurrent themes in my life.

I began to explore other healing modalities of Shamanism, drumming, healing with food and herbs, exploring flower essences and essential oils. All of these tools I used and incorporated in my life to heal me and assist my family.

Shamanism healing, rhythm of drum and earth’s heartbeat, power of song all connected inside of me and deepened connection. Here I found healing and spiritual connection. They came in forms of animal totems, wise shamans, beautiful angels and ascended masters. This was never more profound as when chemo and radiation raged in my body, I cocooned myself away and rested in loving arms of spiritual support. In this upheaval, my life was profoundly changed. I quietly continued my studies of healing and meditation.

That was many years ago, my children are grown and the joy of grandchild now brings wonderful gifts to my life. Caring for others continues to be my life work and passion. To continue to find balance and strive forward in personal healing and growth, I discovered and embraced Qi Gong. This gentle healing practise continues to help me meditate and go within. In healing and nurturing myself I rediscovered connection and embrace of spirit healing and guidance that surrounds me.

All of these life experiences have helped mold me into the intuitive healer I am. My Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions amalgamate elements of Energy work including: Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Qi Gong and Sound Therapy of Crystal Singing Bowls. All of these gifts help you journey into your heart to find peace, relaxation and calm. Helping you access the healer within you.